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Wedding Rings and Bridal Crown
A registry office style wedding (legals only) is where we do the bare minimum required to be legally married. 5 mins and you are married! This basically involves me saying a couple of lines,you each say a line, we sign the paperwork (you will need 2 adult witnesses) and we are done! This is perfect if you don't want too much fuss and you just want to be married.

The benefits of using a celebrant instead of BDM for this style of wedding is that you can have more guests, you choose the location and you select the date. I come to you!

(N.B. You are still required to give one month's notice before you can be married unless you qualify for a shortening of time.)

My fee includes a Letter of Support for Immigration if required, preparation of all paperwork, lodgement of paperwork with BDM, and travel.

Mon - Friday $450
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday $600
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