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  • What areas do you service?
    I service all metropolitan areas across Adelaide. I can also conduct ceremonies outside of the metropolitan area however additional travel charges will apply for travel 50km or more outside of the CBD.
  • What forms do we need to fill in?
    You will need to fill in and sign a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) - this form must be lodged with your celebrant (or BDM) at least one month before the date of the ceremony, and no longer than 18 months before. (In some circumstances you may be eligible to apply for a "shortening of time" - read more about this here.) I will help you to complete your NOIM. I will send you a link and you fill in your details, and the information that you provide is used to fill in all of your paperwork (the NOIM, the declaration of no legal impediment and the marriage certificates). As your celebrant I usually sign and witness the NOIM. As part of filling in this form I will need to see proof of your identity. If you have been married before I will also need to see proof of termination of the marriage. Just before the wedding you will need to fill in the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (usually at the rehearsal the week before). On your wedding day you will sign 3 documents - two copies of your Official Certificate of Marriage, and the Commemorative Certificate (called a form 15). I will print all the documents you need to make sure you are legally married. After your wedding I lodge the appropriate documents with Births Deaths and Marriages and you can then apply for your "official certificate of marriage" which you will need as evidence of your marriage - if for example you wish to change your name. To apply for this you will need to pay a separate fee to BDM (around $70) - this cost is not included in my fee.
  • How soon can we be married?
    You need to give at least one month's notice of your intention to marry, unless you are granted a "shortening of time". This will only be granted under certain circumstances. More information about shortening of time can be found here.
  • Do you personalise the ceremony or will we be getting a boring "form" ceremony?"
    I will personalise your ceremony so that is reflects you as a couple. If you select the basic package your ceremony will be less tailored, but still unique. I base the ceremony on our conversations and if you have selected the Classic package, I also send you both a questionnaire. From this information I will put together an awesome ceremony just for you.
  • Do we need a rehearsal?
    I recommend holding a rehearsal at the venue - usually this will be in the week before the wedding date, at about the same time of day (that way you will know where the sun and shade will be). A rehearsal ideally would involve all members of the wedding party. I will go through the logistics (and provide my sage advice!) so that everyone knows what to do and what to expect. Travel and attendance at a rehearsal is included in my fee and does not incur any additional charges. If you choose not to do a rehearsal that is perfectly fine (however this will not result in any reduction in my fee...)
  • How long before the ceremony do you arrive? How long do you stay?
    I like to arrive an hour before the scheduled ceremony time, as this allows a margin for "things that could go wrong!" I will perform the ceremony, make sure all of the paperwork is correctly completed, and then be on my way... PS in case you are wondering... there is no need to invite me to your reception, that would just be awkward for all of us!
  • What if you can't perform the ceremony (e.g. you become unwell)?
    If for any reason I am unable to perform your ceremony I will find you an awesome replacement celebrant from my extensive network. I will cover any additional costs this entails, so you won't be out of pocket.
  • What time should we arrive on the day?
    The usual practice is for the groom and the groom's attendants to arrive at least 30 minutes before (to allow time for vehicle breakdowns etc). I suggest that the you let people know when the ceremony is due to commence. The bride and bridal party should plan to arrive about 5-10 minutes after this (it's OK to be fashionably late - this allows latecomers time to settle down), however any longer than 15 minutes late is usually socially unacceptable and is likely to agitate your guests. I will arrive one hour before in order to set up the PA, make sure all is looking OK, calm the groom down etc.
  • Who can give me away?
    Traditionally the father of the bride will "give the bride away", however nowadays ceremonies are much more relaxed - you can choose whomever you like to escort you down the aisle (e.g. mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, friend, dog...) or even no-one at all - it's completely up to you.
  • How long is the ceremony?
    My ceremonies usually last about 15-20 minutes, but could be longer or shorter depending upon what you wish to include in your ceremony. When planning your day, as a general guide I would allow about 30 minutes from start to finish (includes signing and walking back down the aisle). Having said that however, please note that a 'legals only' ceremony can be done and dusted in about 5 minutes!
  • Do we need witnesses?
    Yes you do - you will need 2 witnesses who are at least 18 years old. It is entirely up to you whom you select to be witnesses. Many couples use their attendants, but you could also choose people that you may want to involve in the wedding but who may not necessarily be in the bridal party, such as both of your mothers, your adult children, or whomever - you could even do a lucky dip amongst the wedding guests!
  • We only want a small wedding, will you reduce your fee?"
    I offer an Elopement package for weddings with less than 20 guests. This will be a basic ceremony with limited tailoring and does not include rituals such as hand fasting. However you will still get an awesome, heartfelt ceremony and exemplary service.
  • Do you support marriage equality?
    That's a big fat YES from me. 'Nuff said.
  • Do you provide the music?
    I have a quality Bose portable speaker. You are welcome to bluetooth your music to this for the ceremony - however you will need to arrange for someone to play the music for you. You also need to make sure they know which songs to play... You will need at least 3 pieces of music - one for walking down the aisle (processional), one for the signing, and one for walking back down the aisle once you are married (recessional).
  • We want to write our own vows but we don't know where to start - can you help?
    Writing your own vows can be challenging. My best advice to you is write from the heart. But here are some other tips which may help you work through the process. Click here to access my tip sheet.
  • Do you provide a signing table?
    This is usually organised through the venue. However, if you don't have this option I can hire a signing table to you (with table cloth) for use during the service. This will incur an additional charge of $50.
  • What if the weather is inclement?
    When planning an outdoor wedding it is imperative that you have a Plan B in case the weather is too wet, too windy, too hot etc.
  • How do we get our wedding featured in the Sunday Mail
    If you want your wedding day to be shared in the newspaper, you can apply via the Advertiser newspaper, click here.
  • What are your terms and conditions? What can I expect from you as my celebrant?
    You can read my full terms and conditions here. Naturally I fully comply with the code of practice for celebrants- as prescribed by the Attorney-General. As your celebrant, you can expect me to: be punctual for our meetings be responsive to your calls, text messages and emails provide you with exemplary service compose and deliver an awesome ceremony answer all of your questions be organised and professional at all times ensure all of your paperwork is correctly completed and lodged promptly provide you with all the support you need to ensure your wedding ceremony is perfect
  • What if I have a question that you have not covered here?
    If you have any question that isn't covered in these FAQ's please text, email, call, messenger, send me a message via carrier pigeon, use smoke signals (NB the last 2 may be less reliable than other channels). In addition, here are some other resources which may be handy: Wedding Planning Guide Ceremony Run Sheet Ring Verses Your Wedding
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